Landscape with a Corpse

This week’s assignment was to imagine our death. My story was that I was walking across the street while I was texting on my phone. I didn’t see the car coming my way because I was too distracted. Therefore, I got hit by a driver.

My point of choosing this was because everyone nowadays is so connected to their cellular devices. I am very guilty of this and I’m not afraid to admit it. It’s just a problem that we all have that can lead to very dangerous things such getting into accidents like this one or actually being the driver on their phone as well. This death could have been avoided if I wasn’t so occupied with my phone.

My experience with taking these images was interesting. This was taken by my mom and my dad was supposedly the driver. These were in my neighborhood right front of my house. While other cars were driving by, they looked at us suspiciously, which was quite funny. This week’s assignment was actually fun. I didn’t mind doing it. It was simple too.


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