Week 4 Art Care Package

My art care package is more of like a memory box. I’m sending this package to my 19 year old boyfriend, Jose. In my package, I included the paper showing that I passed my driving test, a Disneyland receipt, my name, gradnite ticket, prom photo, Griffith Observatory ticket, Disneyland pin, my birthday thank you card, and a camera. I’m giving him my DMV driving test paper because he is the first person I told when I passed my driving test and he was so happy for me. I’m also giving him a Disneyland receipt and the pin because that was the day we first went to Disneyland together as a couple. I’m giving him a note card with my name on it so that whenever we’re not together, he’ll be reminded of me. I’m giving him my gradnite ticket because I remember spending that night with him and our friends and we had so much fun together. I gave him our prom picture to remind him of our night at prom and because it’s my favorite picture of us. I’m giving him a Griffith Observatory ticket because that is where we spent one of anniversaries and he knows it’s one of my favorite places to go to. I’m also giving a thank you card from my 18th birthday  because he was in my court and spent over 5 months practicing our dance for my party. Lastly, I’m giving him a camera because he loves to take pictures, but his phone camera quality is really bad.

Creating this care package was so much fun. It gave me a chance to reminisce on all of the memories my boyfriend and I have shared. It was easy to just find things around my room to use and to give to him.

Sending an art care package to someone is similar to sending a snapchat because they both capture memories. It is different from sending a snapchat because I believe the care package is more valuable. When sending a care package, you are sending someone actual items that mean something to you and that person. I think ephemera is very valuable and that it does gain value over time. It helps you treasure things a lot more. I think there is a difference between art being seen by many strangers in public and art being seen by one person through an art care package. With the art care package, it is more special and personal. It has more meaning to the person it is sent to. I believe the time and effort it takes to create and send an art care package does mean something. It has a significant amount of meaning because it is personal. Sending an art care package definitely comes with love rather than sending a ten-second snapchat that the person can never view again. fullsizerender


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