Week 6- Artist Conversation- Ariel Maldonado

By Ariel Maldonado

Ceramic pieces


CSULB School of Art


Three year old Joey was going to the doctor for the first time that he remembers. He is anxious and scared because he doesn’t know what to expect. His mom told him they were going to get ice cream, but she brought him to this doctor’s office instead. The whole ride there, Joey was agitated and restless. He cried out of anger and fear.

Upon entering the doctor’s office, Joey stepped inside looking around the place. He saw other kids around his age, some a bit older. They were all gathered around two tables playing with things. Joey’s mom told him to go join the other children while she fills out some paperwork. Joey goes over to the tables where the kids are. He sees this toy attached to the table. It has windy and twisty bars and pieces around them that you can move around. He thought this was so interesting, so he squeezed between two other kids and started to play with one of the pieces, moving it around the bar to the other side. He laughed. The toy and its pieces were so colorful. It somewhat resembled a maze. Joey was so fascinated by this. Him and the other kids giggled together as they played.

Joey’s mom called for him to come. Joey looks up and sees a lady at the door next to his mom. Joey says goodbye to the friends he made and gets up to go to his mom. Suddenly, Joey realizes he feels okay. He feels happy. Joey is no longer as anxious or scared. He thought that maybe a nice toy is all he needs to calm down and to distract himself.



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