Week 7- Artist Conversation- Andrea Mejia

Artist: Andrea Mejia

Exhibition: Word of the Year

Media: printmaking, illustration

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Instagram: @macndrees

CSULB undergraduate Andrea Mejia is working toward her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the School of Art’s Illustration Program. This is her fifth year at CSULB and she will graduate fall of 2017. She says there is a big possibility of graduate school after graduating. Andrea is from Downey, California. During her free time, she likes to watch movies. Because she works at a movie theater, she gets to watch all the movies she wants for free. Other than that, she is always drawing. She has only recently, within the last four years, been interested in art. Her work is mostly illustration or digital art.

Andrea only had one piece in the exhibition. It was hung along the wall on the right once you walk into the gallery. Hers was a bright drawing done on a regular paper canvas, I believe. She used black, which she got to look like outer space. Her use of blue and green were very bright, almost neon.

The main exhibition in the gallery was a group printmaking show. However, Andrea did not stick to the main theme. Her inspiration for her piece was her own comic book that she is currently working on. The man portrayed in her drawing is a character in her book. When asked what the gem in the back of the man symbolized, Andrea said that gems have something to do with her story in the comic book. They are the items that her characters must find that they have to give up.

I think Andrea’s piece is really cool. I like her realistic drawing of the man and the colors that she used. I think that when she is finished with her comic book and after people read it, this piece will make a lot more sense. Other than that, I believe that she is a very talented artist that can draw very well.


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