Week 10: Architecture: The Wedge

I decided to change the USU wedge. I walk through it every day and I can agree that it really is a hassle. What I decided to do is to get rid of the middle wall and remove the right bench. This creates two walkways. People can walk on the right side of the post or the left of the post. The two open spaces would be big enough for students to walk both in and out of it. It will allow for much more room and less of a traffic jam for students. The access will be larger and quicker. The only trade-offs I was faced with were that middle wall and the second bench. The middle wall serves as a place for the school and for students to post ads and the bench is for students waiting to be picked up or waiting for the bus. However, that middle wall and the second bench are the only things that are creating the traffic for students. I decided to get rid of them all together. The students can post their ads on other places around campus. As for the bench, the students can merely just stand or sit alongside the planters as they wait for their rides.

I think that the students will appreciate this modification and will think that it is much easier for them, rather than having to wait for students walking by for you to walk through the wedge.



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