Week 12- Artist Conversation- Patrick Williams

Artist: Patrick Williams

Exhibition: Revisionist Present

Media: drawing, painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

CSULB student Patrick Williams is working toward his MFA in the School of Art’s drawing and painting program. Unfortunately, Patrick was not there at the time when I was looking to have a conversation with him. Therefore, I could not ask him any questions or get to know him  and his ideas behind his pieces.

Patrick’s work displayed in the gallery were very pretty. He had drawings of pictures then used paint to go over them in an informal way. I thought that that was very interesting. Behind the vibrant paint, he had drawings of ancient statues. I think with these pieces, it seems as if Patrick mostly used various paints.

According to Patrick’s written summary, he says that the meaning of this exhibition of his is that there is a change in the way people view things now compared to before because of the digital advances we have been having. He says that anything nowadays can be altered or edited. We decide what’s real based on how we interpret things. Patrick says, “My paintings are an attempt to wrestle with the limitations and the assets of painting in the context of a post digital paradigm; both as art object and as their eventual life as digital files.”

I really enjoyed Patrick’s pieces. Based on what he said in his summary, he pieces now make sense to me. I think all of it was very interesting. I enjoyed seeing all the bright, vibrant colors. I’m really glad I got the chance to view Patrick’s artwork.


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