Week 15: Design Thinking Applied to Life

As of right now, my major is psychology and I plan to minor in human resources soon. I chose this because I feel like both those majors compliment each other well. For human resources, I read that you basically look over people who may be qualified for a certain job and other things as well. I feel like psychology ties in well with that because it is the study of human behavior and thoughts and why we do what we do. I chose psychology as my major because I have always been interested in human behavior. I like learning about our thought processes and the reasons behind people doing things that they do. With this major and minor, I hopefully plan to work in Human Resources, hopefully a Human Resources manager.

If this current thing disappeared tomorrow, I would probably either be a dermatologist or a dietitian. I thought about dermatology because I love skin care and learning anything about the skin. I also thought of dietitian because I enjoy learning about food and their nutritional facts.  A lot of my friends usually come to me asking what I think is good for them to eat and I simply suggest things that I think are delicious, but healthy as well.

If I were financially secure and no one would laugh, I would admit that I would want to be a singer and/or music producer. As a kid, I used to take singing lessons and would perform and compete in front of many people. As I grew older, I got more shy and got stage fright, so I quit singing. Now, I only sing by myself and I won’t let anyone hear me. I’ve always loved the industry and have been interested in it. I love music, so my absolute dream is to do anything having to do with music. A lot of my friends usually come to me for music suggestions. I love it when they tell me I have good taste in music.



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